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Spoorthy Organic Slim Easy Tea Weight loss herbal green Tea | Instant tea Premix tea with 16 Ayurvedic herbs | Diet supplements | green tea fat burner | Afresh 11 herbal tea bags | 22 Tea Cups

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Product Description

Spoorthy organic Slim easy detox green tea is instant tea premix sachet that is green tea infuser, belly fat burner for men and women. It is also best tea diet food for weight loss. Our tea is Made by using green tea leaves, Tulsi tea leaves, pudina leaves, spearmint tea, licorice root, ashwagandha tea, rosemary tea, thyme leaves, hibiscus tea available in green tea bags.

Our Slim Easy slimming tea is caffeine, gluten free, sugar free weight loss drink, organic green tea healthy food beverages may help you to improve your metabolism and weight loss naturally. Our Slimming Tea health drink, divine foods products organic tea is made by using green tea powder, loose leaf tea in tea box. our natural care tea detox kahwa green tea bag is curated for weight loss

Spoorthy organic slim easy tea instant food masala tea for fat loss, removes extra fat, controls blood pressure, stress relief, hair growth, belly fat belly fat burner for women. Spoorthy Organic herbal Slim Easy slimming Tea for weight loss detoxification & and energizing the body. Unlock the ancient secrets of weight loss with our wellness tisane formulated to melt down saturated fat naturally with carefully selected herbs & and ingredients known for their anti-obesity properties.

Spoorthy Organic herbal weight loss green teaTea is crafted for its wellness-supporting properties, this aromatic and warming tea was inspired by the ancient holistic philosophy of Ayurveda. Whereas modern systems of medicine tend to target one's specific ailment, Ayurveda instead acts as a comprehensive system of medicine that focuses on full-body health and wellness, promoting balance.

Healthy Nutrient Ingredients:- We don’t cut corners when it comes to purity which is why our organic Detox and cleanse teas are made by using 100% raw, whole, fresh, organic ingredients without relying on any harsh chemicals, additives, fillers, colourings, or artificial ingredients to help reset your overall health & healing purpose.

Spoorthy Tea Stepping Instruction:- For preparing 2 cups (50 ml each), Put 100 ml of filtered water, use 1 Tea bag, 85-90 Celsius, let it steep for 2 to 3 minutes or till a beautiful dark colour appears. Strain the tea leaves and enjoy the cup. We recommend that you do not add milk or sugar to tea for better test and health benefits. This tea is Premix with natural plant-based sweetener so you need not add anything, so you can enjoy real natural herbal delicious tea as provided by nature.

Note: Slimming & and weight loss depend on your eating habits, diet, natural body type & and physical activities. Spoorthy Organic Slim Easy Tea or Weight Loss Tea may aid the process of metabolism in your body, help in weight loss & and promote fitness but it has to complement other personal habits as mentioned. Order online and get delivered at your doorstep.

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